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What does Crumbs to Gourmet Stand for?

Chef Joel is a Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver Cooking School pass out. Apart from cooking full time he also writes for various digital media like Goan Times, IDiva, Mint Lounge,  Pioneer Chef and best capacity of talking about food and sharing recipes in depth. He also has done several videos for Indian Food Network on You Tube and Times Foodie where you can catch him sharing delicious recipes, healthy bites and food from scratch. Besides writing and cooking he also consults for QSR’s, menu developments and Pub Grubs.

Crumbs to Gourmet Food Factory headed by Chef Joel are an end to end service provider for all things related to gourmet and fine party food. Our concepts are keeping the food simple and pack it with flavors! We specialize in Global Mix of Cuisines, creating twists to International cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Goan, Maglorean and Indian. Our infusions are influenced from various ingredients and experiences from around the world. We utilize our house brand dressings and marinades to impart just the right flavours.

Our Services include menu developments, food pairing with wines or whiskies, waiter & bar service, cutlery & crockery, mixers, glasses, live counters etc.  We send a team of experience cooks to your place, heat the food, assemble and serve. Our motto is to offer the freshest cooked food at optimal temperature, where half the food is prepared in our facility and the rest is finished off at your kitchen.

Chicken Korri Rice

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Specialising in International cuisines he loves to bring personality and passion to the table to make your dining experience authentic.


What Have We Done

At Crumbs to Gourmet we have catered for high profile private parties and cosy sit down dinners. In the last five years we catered to events, shows, office parties and BBQ parties, kiddo parties, engagement, pre wedding parties and Hi teas. To maintain the personal touch we cater to guest numbers from 6 to 50.

We also do corporate lunches and theme parties and catered to college events like Mood Indigo, ICT Matunga. Our corporate clients include RPG, Norbar Torque Tools Private Ltd, Bonsai Ad Rich Media, Emreach Solutions, Elevate HR & Procter and Gamble.


Contact us

We are all about Food and Drinks and would love to discuss further about the event your hosting. Fee free to drop our Chefs a line and let us plan that delectable menu.

Phone : +91 9833844410
Email : crumbstogourmet@gmail.com


At Crumbs to Gourmet we offer the following service to ensure you have a stress free and relaxing time at your own event. Gourmet offering means we need time to procure the best & freshest ingredients. We require a maximum of 7 days notice or a minimum of 2 days to deliver or service your events.
Product Launch

Our Product Launch list of clients are largely to do with Automobiles, Fashion, FMCG, Chemicals, Investment Bankers, Corporate Houses, Financial Market, Expats across Mumbai area. We usually cater from 50 to 250 guest during these launches and we manage quite a show with tasty food and great service. Our menu ranges from World Cuisines, Mexican Taco Bars, Desserts Bars, Indian Cuisines, Grilled Food, Continental Buffets and Plated Meals to Tapas Snacks and Salad Bars. Our price range for such events starts from Rs. 350 to 1100 depending on the food menu, services requested, pantry space provided etc etc. Call me for a detailed breakup of what we can offer for your clients, guest, VIPs

House Parties

House Parties can be categorised as House Warming, Newly Interior Decorated Homes, Office colleagues Get-to-gether, Chiller Friends, Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, New Family Bonding, Leaving the Country Party, Office Promotions, Going Abroad to Study Party. Well as you can see the list goes on… 
People don’t really need a reason to celebrate although they do need help in planning the  perfect menu. Which is why having a Chef/Caterer makes a difference planning your Rocking Party. At Crumbs to Gourmet Food Factory, we can offer end to end services for all House Parties! We assist in Menu Planning based on Guest Preferences for example we cater to Jains, Pure Vegetarians, Pescatarians, Non Vegetarians, Live BBQ’s, Live Counters, Grilled Food Plus Plus Plus & when we go crazy we include a Dessert BAR too. How cool is that!!!
We also manage the BAR section by a well trained and skilful boys who are prompt and diligent with service. Although we outsource the same, we been working with the same partner for the last 4 years. 
Variety is a necessity of life so for our basic package we offer
4 starters, 4 main course and 2 desserts starting at Rs. 850/- 
6 starters, 4 main course, 1 baked dish, 1 salad, 2 desserts starting at Rs. 1050/- 
6 Starters plus 1 Beverage (Water, Soft Drinks or Fruit Juices) Only starting at Rs. 450/- 
2 Starters, 2 Main Course, 2 Desserts starting at Rs. 650/- 
Call me for a finer tuning of your menu…  

Kiddies Birthday Parties

Children are particular of what they eat thanks to the overwhelming food networks channels like Master Chef, Food Food Channel and all our Glocal Chefs, Children are have increasing knowledge about food. 
Crumbs to Gourmet Food Factory has one mantra and to feed children good, delicious looking food be it their 1st birthday or 10th birthday. We specialise in food children love to eat and the only feedback we get are, my children has over eaten at your parties. 
We have catered to Play Schools like Gymboree (Santacruze), My Gym(Waterfield Road, Bandra), Giggles (Hill Road, Bandra) Club Houses, Gardens and Parks.
Package Rates for Indoors and Outdoors Parties Kids below 3 years are our Guest 
4 Starters (Kids+Adults), 2 Main Course and 2 Beverages (Water, Fruit Juices, Tetra Packs) starts at Rs. 350 
4 Starters, 2 Main Course, 2 Live Counters and 2 Beverages starts at Rs. 550 
4 Starters, 1 Baked Dish, 2 Main Course, 2 Desserts, 2 Live Counters starts at Rs. 750/- 
4 Starters, 2 Live BBQ Appetisers, 1 Pop Corn, 1 Candy Floss, 2 Live Counters, 4 Main Course, 3 Dessert Bar and Beverages starts at Rs.1050 
Call me to fine tune the menu…  

Outdoor Parties

At Crumbs to Gourmet Food Factory we take utmost care when planning menus related to your Big Day. We just don’t pick dishes randomly from our menus vast repotoire of dishes but understand specifics from the Bride & Bride Groom, their preferences and of course the family taste buds. We make menus that are exciting, interesting and tasty ofcourse.
We cater to specialise cuisines ranging from Jains, Pure Veg, Marwadi, Bengali, South Indian, Punjabi, Catholics, Non Veg, Live BBQ Counters, World Cuisine Counters, Desserts Bars, Cocktail Bars, Mocktail Bars. We do Sangeets, Cocktail Parties, Mehndi Nights, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Weddings, Marriages, Family Lunches, Holy Communions, Silver Jubilee Weddings, Second Weddings for Crowd Sizes upto 700 guest
We can cater to any locations within & outside Mumbai. 


At Crumbs to Gourmet we offer the following service to ensure you have a stress free and relaxing time at your own event. Gourmet offering means we need time to procure the best & freshest ingredients. We require a maximum of 7 days notice or a minimum of 2 days to deliver or service your events.


We like to share, discuss and talk about everything related to food, spices, ingredients, food travel and lifestyle. Stay tuned for weekly recipes, videos and views from our
team at Crumbs to Gourmet.

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